Smart Home Automation

Your home is one of your greatest investments. It’s more than an asset; it’s your sanctuary. Next to architecture and interior design, home automation serves to add to the functionality and comfort of your home.

We work closely with your design team to make your dream home a reality. Every electronic component perfectly in sync with your lifestyle.

Lighting Control
Climate Control
Home Theatres & Full Home Cinema
Motorised Curtains & Blinds
Multi-Room Audio setup & Control
Ultra-High Definition Video Distribution
Networking & Wifi
CCTV Control
Automated Security Systems
Sophisticated Technology Made Simple

Step into the future today. Conveniently manage every aspect of your environment from an Apple or Android device—including voice assistants!

Home automation allows you to turn on lights, close blinds, and have your favourite song playing in every room of the house. You can adjust the air conditioner—or, even set it to maintain a specific temperature (and automatically turn off when you’re not in the room) all by the touch of a button.

The benefits don’t stop there. Home Automation can help you reduce energy consumption and associated costs as well as better secure your premises.

See something that you like? Let’s make it a reality.


Lighting Control

Create the perfect ambience in every room. Dim and brighten lights at will or leave it to motion sensors and timers. Smart lighting adds elegance, ambience, convenience, and energy efficiency to your home.

Climate Control

Take the hassle out of climate control with innovative technology that learns your temperature preferences—by room! Add automatic settings for heating, cooling, ventilation and humidity.

Home Theatre Systems & Full Home Cinema

Advanced home cinema that exceeds the big screen experience! Superior screens and 360-degree audio that is felt in explosive detail.

Our complete home cinema installations include

  • conceptualisation design and layout
  • cinema seating
  • acoustic design and consultation
  • 3D design renderings
  • installation and programming
  • audio-visual equipment calibration to ensure the highest levels of performance.

A single touch of a button will recline your seats, dim the overheads and activate mood lighting, set the ambient temperature and start the movie!


Motorised curtains and blinds

Set the natural lighting with a touch of a button, or use smart programming that automatically adjusts according to the time of day, season and sun position. All solutions are designed to suit your interior design colours and finishes.

Multi-Room Audio System

Fill your entire house with music, stream it to a single room or select areas in the house. Multi-room audio lets you enjoy high definition music and audio content throughout your home from a centralised system. Automate your favourite music radio station, music or podcast to play on schedule.

Ultra High Definition (UHD 4k & 8k) Video Distribution

You can also view ultra-high-definition video via the same centralised system that distributes audio throughout your house. Access your choice of movies, series or videos from your media server or stream it live. You can control the system from your PC, Mac, iPad, smartphone, remote control, or via a menu on your TV.

Networking and Wi-Fi

A Smart Home is a Networked Home

We offer the ultimate smart home automation solution by making all of the electronic components and systems that you use daily work together, seamlessly.

Integration using a reliable wired and wireless infrastructure forms the “backbone” of your home, connecting all the devices so that they can communicate. The result is an intelligent and personalised experience for added comfort, savings, convenience and peace of mind.


CCTV Control & Automated Security Systems

Monitor your home from anywhere with state-of-the-art CCTV technology. Get incident alerts for intruders or if a garage door has been left open. If it’s just the wind blowing a curtain, close the window from your smartphone.

Get peace of mind at your fingertips with our intelligent security system. It links to your alarm and security company. You can remotely arm or disarm your system or notify security if something looks awry.


Surge Protection

Power fluctuations, microspikes and AC line noise negatively affect the performance of your AV and control equipment. Surges and losses, lighting strikes, over- and under-voltage can cause equipment damage or failure. Our surge protection products feed your electronics pristine AC power. So, you will see and hear your theatre or audio system as it should be—uncompromised.
Quality and Trust Assurance

We source the highest quality products at every price point; view our trusted brands.

Once installed, our team will always be available through our comprehensive Service Level Agreements and convenient repair services.

Are you ready to make your home SMART?